There were apparently talks at DICE about making a Battlefield pinball game, producer Aleks Grandall has revealed. This came up during a discussion with GameSpot at E3 about what kinds of pitches have been made over the years for new Battlefield games.

While a Battlefield kart racing or fighting game may not have been pitched (“I don’t think we got that crazy,” Grandall said), the producer said a Battlefield pinball game could have been “awesome.”

“There was talk about a pinball game; a Battlefield pinball game back in the day,” he said. “I seem to have some vague memories of that now that you mention it. I have to figure out what happened with that because that sounds kind of awesome.”

Some of DICE’s earliest games were in fact pinball titles. The developer madePinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, and Pinball Illusions in the ’90s before releasing the breakthrough hit Battlefield 1942 in 2002. 1996’s True Pinball was the last pinball game DICE made. Electronic Arts acquired DICE in 2004.

DICE’s latest game was this month’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The studio’s next title is Battlefield 1, which comes out in October, though an open beta will be held this summer. Additionally, DICE is working with Motive Studios on a new Star Wars Battlefront game.