Monster Hunter Generations’ Hunting Styles Let You Further Customize Combat

Capcom has offered new details about the Hunting Styles you can choose from in upcoming 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations, which provide an additional layer of customization beyond your choice of weapon.

Each of the four Hunting Styles is shown briefly in the new trailer above. In a Capcom blog post, Guild Style is said to play similarly to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but the others each offer a new twist.

Aerial style provides a short jump for each weapon class, offering a new way to pull off jumping attacks or to evade enemies. Striker style makes use of the new Hunter Arts, allowing you to build up special moves that range from healing fountains to a Gunlance blast that moves you forward. Adept Style provides new “insta-moves that require precise timing.” Weapons that have a shield get an insta-block that opens the door for immediate counterattacks, while other types get insta-evades for counterattacking or getting away.

Monster Hunter Generations is the name of what’s known as Monster Hunter X in Japan (where it’s a big hit). It’s due out in the west this summer for 3DSand will offer some kind of bonus for players who have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data on their system.