New 3DS Game Ever Oasis Features Dungeon Crawling, Oasis Building

Nintendo announced and demoed a new 3DS game called Ever Oasis on itsTreehouse E3 livestream. The game puts players in the role of oasis leader, who must grow the oasis and venture into the desert to gather resources.

You grow plant-like shops called Bloom Booths in the oasis, which you have to keep stocked as characters will come through and purchase their wares. You then get money from the sales and can use it to grow more Bloom Booths. You’ll also get help from Isuna, a water spirit, who levels you up and gives you advice.

Additionally, you explore the desert and dungeons with a party comprised of wanderers from different tribes. Each party member has a different ability that can be used to complete puzzles and get through dungeons. Ever Oasis also features combat encounters with enemies like spiky armadillos, a giant scorpion, and a lion statue with wings called Baastu. Each party member has their own, unique weapon that’s more effective against some enemies than others. You’ll have to switch control of characters here as well to find out who works best.

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