New games for PlayStation Vita, let alone exclusives, have become increasingly hard to come by in recent years. Despite that, Vita fans have something to look forward to later this month, as the studio behindGuacamelee is bringing its new game to the handheld in two weeks.

Drinkbox Studios today released the trailer above and announced thatSevered launches on April 26. The Vita exclusive is a first-person action/RPG hybrid where you take control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha. You’ll explore a sort of open world step by step, dungeon crawler-style, solving puzzles and getting into fights with monsters. The touchscreen combat is somewhat reminiscent of Infinity Blade. As you defeat enemies, you’ll have a chance of severing various body parts that you can then wear or consume to receive various bonuses or upgrades.

It’s a colorful game, not unlike Guacamelee, which brought Drinkbox a good deal of prominence following its work on the Tales From Space platformers.

When we got to take a look at the game in late 2014, Severed had been planned for released in spring 2015. It’s now arriving a full year later, but it should nonetheless be welcomed by content-starved Vita owners. It’ll cost $15 (15 EUR/12 GBP), with a 10 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members during its launch week.

For now, Severed’s soundtrack can be streamed for free or purchased here.