[UPDATE] The June update should now be live for everyone. The original story follows.

Players who have been waiting for Rocket League’s June update to hit won’t have to wait much longer. Developer Psyonix has confirmed on Twitter that it starts rolling out today. The update is currently scheduled for 3 PM PT.

The June update comes with the cyberpunk-inspired Neo Tokyo map, which features raised sides and a Japanese announcer. It also comes with an experimental arena called “Pillars” that divides the field into three lanes.

Additionally, the update brings new “Rare” and “Very Rare” cosmetic items, and you’ll be able to trade in items to get one of a higher rarity. The trade-in system lets you get rid of duplicate items, while a player trading system will come later.

Painted and Certified items are also on their way and will give players new ways to customize their cars. The Painted items are different-colored versions of existing items, though they’re only available for certain wheels and toppers–you won’t be able to choose the color, either. Certified items, on the other hand, track a specific stat and will be upgraded over time.

We’ll keep you up to date on when the content is available. For now, you can check out more of the update’s additions below.

  • New chat options
  • New post-game celebrations
  • Eight new trophies and achievements
  • An in-game showroom that allows players to view and buy previously released premium DLC

In other Rocket League news, the soccer-with-cars game hit 220,000 concurrent players–its highest ever–almost a year after its release.