Sony’s MLB The Show 16 is apparently facing some serious-sounding issues. Sports gaming writer Pasta Padre writes that the professional baseball game has been at times “completely unplayable” during primetime hours (3 PM PST-10 PM PST) following its launch last week on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. “MLB The Show 16 was essentially rendered completely unplayable unless disconnecting entirely from the internet before starting it up,” according to the report, explaining the state of the game on April 6. The site described the game as experiencing “crippling server drag.” If you could connect, the game could take upwards of five minutes to load the main menu, “and navigating to any other page took several minutes on their own,” the site said. Pasta Padre added: “There hasn’t been an issue comparable to this one since NBA 2K14 was down and unplayable for a full week over the holidays in 2013.” Game Informer also reported experiencing the issues with MLB The Show 16. They say that any part of the game that access the servers is impacted, including single-player modes like Road to the Show and franchise. Sony performed some server maintenance on April 6, but it apparently did not improve the experience. More server maintenance was conducted last night (April 7), Sony said on Twitter. We will report back with updates on the state of the game as new details become available. Check back soon, too, as GameSpot will be posting its MLB The Show 16 review shortly.

The two expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 Xbox 360 thrillerAlan Wake are now free. You can grab The Signal and The Writer on Xbox Live right now at no cost. Download links follow below.

Both are set after the events of the main game, which remains on sale for $20. Alan Wake follow-up American Nightmare is also still being sold for $10 (via VideoGamer).

The Alan Wake DLC freebie offer comes after Alan Wake–and its DLC–was made playable on Xbox One through the system’s backwards compatibility feature. Additionally, people who preordered Remedy’s recently releasedQuantum Break received free copies of the game and its expansions.

You can use the download links below to pick up the two pieces of DLC right now. Alternatively, they should be available through the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console marketplace.

Alan Wake Free DLC Links

  • The Signal (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • The Writer (Xbox One/Xbox 360)

As for the future of the Alan Wake franchise, Remedy has repeatedly said itwould eventually like to make another game in the series, though nothing concrete has been announced so far.